Philippe Fleury's Expertise

 Philippe Fleury's expertise was built upon two main fields, that of the Public and that of the Private one. 

Fellow of Ecole Polytechnique de Paris and Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Philippe Fleury began his career as public servant in the Ministry for Equipment where he spent more than ten years successively in charge of Operational Town planning and Construction in the department of Saone et Loire; Infrastructure Investments in the Direction for roads and motorways, and design, building and maintenance of roads and motorways in the department of Essonne. His public career is completed with the Ministry for Finances where he takes up the duties of Sub-manager to the direction for forecast in charge with the budgets of programs and the Industry, Equipement and Agriculture sectors.

Philippe Fleury starts then the private aspect of his career to the head of companies specialised in public works: initially in charge of the international direction of Nord France Company, then SNTP Company before entering to Chagnaud of which it takes the direction within the framework of one of very first LMBO of the of public works sector.

In 1991, Philippe Fleury sells his shares of Chagnaud and puts his competences and his expertise at the profit of the industrial and public works companies as well as building Owners, particularly public ones, by creating Ph.F.A. Conseil of which he is the manager since nearly twenty years.

In 1996 Philippe Fleury is elected consular magistrate at the bankruptcy court of Creteil.
In 2002 he is named rapporteur at the Interregional Advisory committee in Paris for amicable settlement of the litigations relating to the government contracts
In 2004, he follows a formation to the mediation with the CMAP. Then he carries out mediations and conciliations.
In 2010 he is elected president of group X Experts.